My name is Leopoldo Humaran Plate.
I introduce myself as a draftsman illustrator.
All my works are handmade with a 0.4mm Pilot marker.
I have entitled my art:

"Mundo Hermafrodita"
(Drawings & Poetry)

About me:
I started in 1993 to draw my sacred geometry, and I will never forget the first time I inserted a triangle and a square inside a circle, then an eye and a spiral, and booom !!!!! I knew right away that there was a lot to create.
And it's been 28 years since all started, and my passion is still intact and developing.
Now I fly my mind and I fell that I am creating an ink being, where the original black and white is the skeleton and veins, the red ink symbolys my blood, and the golden/silver and fluo the light.

The originals I keep unpainted in black and white, and I do scanners of high resolution and impressions of them, which allow me to paint several versions:

1) Hermaphrodite version: black and white,
2) Hermaphrodite On Fire version: black and white, red and gold / silver,
3) Hermaphrodite Fluo On Fire version: black and white, red, gold / silver and fluorescent inks,
4) Multicolor Hermaphrodite Version,
5) Custom designed works.

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Description: This unique piece of ink on 4mm Pilot maker, made in Ibiza, has a load of 250 hours of work. This artwork contains the famous Rolling Stones logo, the names of its members and in each space, you can appreciate hundreds of shapes, hidden messages, and animals. The predominant color is Red. It will be up for auction via NFT & we will send you the Original Painting to your address.

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