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Ibiza will host a first artistic ecosystem to boost NFT hype.

April 5, 2021
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Ibiza will host the first artistic ecosystem to boost #NFT hype.

April 7th, 2021, #EIVISSAFRESHFLAVOURS ® (EFF) is doing a big kick-off with its new record label and NFT Drops.

Manuel Frias, born in the Balearic Islands and Co-Founder of the EFF Digital Artist Ecosystem is the creator of the first music single track (Suspiro Original Mix) launched from Ibiza in a form of Not Fungible #Token #NFT, where electronic music is involved. The cover-art of this first release was created by Dr. Leuman, Visual Artist and CTO of EFF Digital Artist Ecosystem.

This is the first “drop” and the beginning of a new Ibiza chapter that will bring many more DJs, producers and local creators to a tokenized world. And setting up the base to engage non-digital artists into the future and how to do it.

Next Wednesday people will find the first EFF release with 250 tokenized copies on the #Ethereum #Blockchain.

Name of the single track: SUSPIRO Original Mix
Music Producer : Manuel Frias
Digital artist: Dr. Leuman
Audio Formats : WAV, FLAC, MP3, AIFF.
Video Format: MP4
Graphic format : JPG 3000×3000 px
Editions: 250 Units


SUSPIRO, IT’S THE SENSATION OF FREEDOM, somewhere in the multiverse, at some special time, that sigh of gratitude for the magical moments of life, remembering things past and preparing things for the future …

but most importantly, enjoying the present.

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