• Hosted BY /Manuel Frias
  • DAY /Every Sundays
  • TIME /22:00hrs (Spain) / 16:00hrs (Miami) / 23:59hrs (Dubai)

Radio Show (live)

EIVISSA FRESH FLAVOURS® Radio show brings all the essence of Ibiza with fresh sounds created by local music producers.
Experienced broadcaster and co-founder of the Digital Ecosystem,  Manuel Frias, will drive this magical trip of sounds based on electronic music.

Pure Ibiza Radio will broadcast on the local radio station, 97.2FM and stream on www.pureibizaradio.com

Listen to our past shows as a DJ SET here and follow us on Mixcloud.

Radio Show

  1. 01 Chapter 1- EFF® Radio Show Manuel Frias
  2. 02 Chapter 2- EFF® Radio Show Manuel Frias
  3. 03 Chapter 3- EFF® Radio Show hosted by: Manuel Frias
  4. 04 Chapter 4- EFF® Radio Show hosted by: Manuel Frias
  5. 05 Chapter 5 - EFF® Radio Show ALEX HINOHOUSE
  6. 06 Chapter 6 - EFF® Radio Show CHRISTIAN MONTOYA
  7. 07 Chapter 7 - EFF® Radio Show MANUEL FRIAS
  8. 08 Chapter 8 - EFF® Radio Show CHRIS LEZA