When Alicja was only 7 years old-she watched for the first time, the famous movie "Dirty Dancing" - since then she had it clear, she wanted to dance.
Two years later ,when attending English classes, she found out that she can start learning the art of dance at the same school. From this moment her adventure with dance started.
She has been working very hard to perfect her dancing skills. She has been training every day, she also competed on the European level and came 3rd.
After graduating high school, she started her marketing degree, during her studies she also became a dance teacher, as dance was her true passion.
Once her studies finished, she moved to Germany in order to obtain more dance education and experience as a dance teacher and performer.
She quickly became one of the top dancer in Dance People School, she has performed all over Europe . She also started to teach modern dance as well as go go dance.
After spending 6 years in Germany, she then decided to move to Ibiza. With her experience and skills, she was one of the leading dancers for Pacha, Amnesia, Space, Privilege, Heart, el Divino.
Alicja throughout her career also worked as a choreographer on many occasions, organized dancing events.
Since 14 years she provide her own dance school.

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