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From Ibiza to the World: Manuel Frias & Christian Montoya’s Musical Odyssey
August 25, 2023, Credits of Electronic Groove

In the dynamic realm of electronic music, a new EP emerges as a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration and genre fusion. ‘A GOLPE DE TAMBOR’, the latest EP by Manuel Frias and Christian Montoya, resonates as an intricate blend of house vibes and Afro-Latin rhythms.

In this interview, these two visionary artists unveil the creative journey behind their tracks, the influence of their backgrounds, and the essence of their musical ventures. With roots deeply intertwined in Ibiza’s vibrant music scene, the duo opens up about their experiences, inspirations, and the harmonious confluence of styles that defines their latest offering.


EG: Hi Guys and welcome to EG. Congratulations on your latest EP, ‘A GOLPE DE TAMBOR’! Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind this collection of tracks?

Manuel: I’ve been gathering inspiration from each session working with Pablo Fierro, his fun parties contain a lot of percussion in the music and live performances by Martin Viana… that’s what led me to infuse that rhythmic touch into this new track.

Christian: Well, you know, for a few years now, I’ve been totally inspired, checking out some of the largest players in the organic house game, and weaving it heavily into my sets. I’m all about finding that connection between organic house vibes and those punchy sounds with deep synths and melodies that take you on a trip you know!

And of course, I’ve been peeping this, along with throwing in some serious ethnic foundations in the beats for that remix I whipped up for Manuel. We have to infuse love into what we do, it’s the ultimate energy for us.

EG: Manuel Frias, you’re a founding mind behind EIVISSA FRESH FLAVOURS Records. How does it feel to release your latest EP under your own label?

Manuel: It’s a pride for me. We’ve been working on it for several years and finally, we have a platform to bring our ideas and those of the people who work with us to life.

EG: The EP promises to resonate with Afro-House music enthusiasts worldwide. Could you elaborate on the fusion of house vibes and Afro-Latin rhythms in this collection?

Manuel: In this track, I’m giving it a personal twist with Afro percussions while still keeping the powerful groove of house music intact, an intriguing fusion that’s gradually pulling me deeper into those playful rhythms I share on the decks with many artists.

EG: The title track ‘A GOLPE DE TAMBOR’ seems to capture the essence of your live DJ performances. Can you share the creative process behind this track?

Manuel: It’s been a fascinating journey for me, after spending a lot of time immersed in various musical styles, especially deep house, working with different promoters and parties, collaborating with Pablo Fierro shifted my musical direction. This led me to delve deeper into Afro-Latin and percussive rhythms, and I’ve tried to capture my personal vision with hints of various styles.

“Collaborations bring lessons, fresh tactics, and a journey of creativity.” – Manuel

EG: Christian, your remix of ‘A GOLPE DE TAMBOR’ offers an exciting twist. How did you approach reimagining this track and infusing it with organic Afro-Latin vibes?

Christian: Manuel and I, we’re like music-sharing buddies, he’s got this seriously refined musical palette, you know? And obviously, whenever we’re diving into collaborations, it kicks off with this huge convo to figure out where we’re heading. So, after like an hour and a half of talk, we both agreed that Manuel was totally vibing with the idea of switching things up and bringing it into this zone. If he’s on board with my concepts, I’m already stoked and I just dive right into the studio, you catch my drift? 😉

EG: Manuel, you’ve been captivating audiences as the “Maestro of Closing Act” at Chinois Club’s ‘Where Here Parties’. Could you describe the energy and atmosphere of these events?

Manuel: The energy is incredible… It’s an immensely fun party, all night long…, the guests are spectacular and the crowd genuinely enjoys it. It generates an atmosphere of happiness and significant joy, and Pablo Fierro’s moment is a true wonder, the sessions are powerful, giving their all to the audience and you can feel that in the atmosphere… and of course, Martin Viana’s live percussions take everything to another level. To sum it up… Spectacular!

EG: Your EP encapsulates the spirit of Ibiza’s electronic music culture. How do you translate the essence of the island’s vibrant scene into your music?

Manuel: All the music I create and play in my sets carries that Ibiza essence. I’ve spent my entire life on the island, enjoying the finest music, and the top artists, across all musical genres… You soak all of that in and pour it into each session or production, always with a personal touch that’s what takes me to the maximum enjoyment.

EG: Can you share a memorable moment or experience from your time performing at the iconic Chinois Club alongside Pablo Fierro?

Manuel: Just being able to share the DJ booth with Pablo Fierro is a magical experience for me. I’ve been in awe of his productions for a long time, he’s on a different level. And when you add the guest artists, we have each week and the chance to work side by side with them… it creates several memorable moments every night, it’s a privilege for me.

EG: Christian, you’ve had an international career spanning various countries. How has your Chilean and Latin-Ethnics background influenced your unique sound?

Christian: It’s like super intriguing, ’cause it’s exactly my blend of all these cultures. I was born in Chile, a mix of native Chilean blood from the south, German, English, and a dash of Gypsy. I reckon I’ve got this killer cocktail in my DNA, ready to unleash it in the music scene. It’s cool that it’s in vogue nowadays, but truth be told, it’s something that’s always,  been steering my DJ sets and definitely shaping my productions. Diversity in me and my music all the way!

EG: Manuel, as a co-founder of EIVISSA FRESH FLAVOURS Records, what are the label’s core values and its contribution to Ibiza’s music scene?

Manuel: Gotta lay it down that before rockin’ the record label vibes, EIVISSA FRESH FLAVOURS rolls as a digital playground, built to help, guide, and sling digital tools at artists, crafters, painters, designers, musos, and anyone riding the Ibiza musical wave. Our vision and codes, they’re about putting the spotlight on anyone who feels their beats matter, cherishing that vibe, and boosting it… and when it comes to the label game, it’s all ’bout the music. Plus, we’re working on the web profiles and spotlighting their works for the whole world to dig into. And, man, we can’t forget “talk to the hand” behind the whole platform and co-founding partner, our dear Dr. Leuman aka Enrique Morales, the genius steering the visual arts. Straight outta DF, just another Mexican who touched down in Spain and made it his home, for real!

EG: You’ve collaborated on various tracks and projects. How does your creative process differ when working together as opposed to individual projects?

Manuel: Collaborations, man, they’re the sauce, they serve up lessons, tactics, and fresh gear to the mix. Sometimes it’s like finding your way through a maze ’cause everyone’s packin’ their vision piece. If that puzzle isn’t sorted from the jump, it can be a maze to hit that groove and things start getting shape. It’s a real journey. Going solo, well, it’s kinda breezy, in a way, but then there’s that startup groove with a track. Until you birth what you’re hunting for, it’s a maze, but once it’s in your grasp, it’s your movie, and you steer it where the vibe flows.

Christian: I always remember this quote that goes, “This intention starts from the heart, travels to the mind, and becomes reality through our hands, a product of this journey.” That’s why, for me, collaborating on projects is always linked to having a solid connection with the person I’m collaborating with. I always need that good vibe. However, when I work individually, it’s more like cooking – a bit of this, a bit of that, just don’t overdo the salt. But it all falls under the same paradigm I mentioned at the start.

EG: Both of you have experience in radio as well. How has your background in radio influenced your approach to producing and playing music?

Manuel: Radio’s been my pause button in this musical journey, giving me space to groove across styles. We’re talking lounge, ambient, organic, flipping sounds and melodies that my club sets couldn’t roll with. It’s sparked a mind shift, opening doors to test and blend with different musical styles in my creations.

Christian: I’m totally on the same wavelength as Manuel here, ’cause it gives you the space to dive into a bunch of musical styles, needing to tailor the tunes to the radio show’s time slot. I’m thankful ’cause I’ve had the chance to connect with some top-notch producers through the interviews we’ve pulled off, and with more than a few, we’re still holding tight, paying visits, sharing some fine wine, and having these lengthy chats. Plus, it helps me grasp the person behind the artist in a better light.

EG: Manuel, you’ve been a resident DJ at Chinois Club and have shared the decks with renowned international artists. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from these experiences?

Manuel: Well, truth be told, I’ve soaked up heaps, I’m keeping a keen eye on how artists do their thing, the pauses, the connection with the crowd, making ’em part of the journey, and not locking yourself in. I’ve stumbled on tons of tunes and some damn fascinating mix tricks.

EG: Looking forward, what can your fans expect from both of you in terms of upcoming performances, projects, and musical endeavors?

Manuel: The best is still cooking, we’re kickstarting projects and we’re juiced to make ’em happen. We’re wrapping up a bunch of tracks for a grand entrance on our record label and some from our collaborators. Out of all this, the first ones getting the scoop will be our followers, through every channel we’re rocking for promo. For sure EG on the firsts 😉

Christian: Next Saturday, August 26th, we’ll be throwing down tunes with Manuel, and our visual arts maestro, Dr. Leuman, will be in the house too, at Bounty Beach in Marbella. It’s a sunset party, and let me tell you, that’s right up our alley. We get to connect up close with the crowd, face-to-face, high-fives all around – it’s the kind of vibe that both Manuel and I totally dig. And guess what? Hold tight, ’cause surprise-surprise, we’re wrapping up a bunch of projects that were on hold. Looks like we’ve switched into high gear, and we’re about to drop a load of fresh tracks, and I gotta tell ya, they’re packed with some amazing collaborations…

EG: Right now, social media seems to play a completely prominent role in the development of an artist’s career. What’s your stance on this? Is this bringing us closer than ever, or is it drawing our attention away from the actual music?

Manuel: Got to lay it straight in this topic, there are times I hit the wall, It’s clear they help with promo and putting the artist out there and interacting with the fans; but I reckon there are those moments when the beats take a backseat and for me, it’s all about that sound. Some folks, they’re sitting in a dry dock with fire music ’cause they ain’t pushing it right, and on the flip, you got some heavy hitters, then you catch ’em live and it’s like… meh. But hey, that’s the ride we’re on, own it… work those tools just right and strive to find that groove.

Christian: Well, for me, it’s like the yin and yang, you know? Everything’s got two sides, the good and the not-so-good. I also agree with what Manuel’s saying, but of course, if it weren’t for those platforms, many artists, including myself, wouldn’t get the kind of exposure we need to spread our music. Sadly, it’s always been this way, everything’s got a price tag, and if we’re in this game, we get to follow the rules, for better or worse. I’m really into what Bob Sinclar’s doing on his socials. He adds this humorous twist to all his posts, he’s a total machine!

“Music is like cooking – a bit of this, a bit of that, finding the right mix.” – Christian

EG: Can you share something personal with us only a few people know about?

Manuel: I’m an obsessive when it comes to copping tunes, I tune into everything, but when I’m cooking up my sets, I could burn hours ’til I dig up something that truly hits me and I can see the crowd vibing hard with that moment.

Christian: Hahahaha, man, let me tell you this incredible story from ADE 2014. We were spinning with M.E.M.O. and crashing at a buddy’s crib on the outskirts of Amsterdam. So, get this, I got lost and my battery died, leaving me stranded with no way to contact anyone. I hopped on a train in the wrong direction, and the funniest part was, a station down the line, I looked out the window and guess who was on another train, sitting there all cool? M.E.M.O.! We locked eyes from train to train and we burst out laughing, like seriously, it was a riot! At the end of the day, I hopped off at the next stop, caught the right train, and made it back to the nest safe and sound. We always bring up this story and have a massive laugh about it. Maybe one day we should make a track about it 😉

EG: How do you keep entertained when not in the studio? Have you recently found any good movies, books, or albums you’d recommend?

Manuel: Every now and then, I manage to catch a movie, but most of my time is dedicated to another one of my passions. The realm of stage lighting is simply mind-blowing; there’s always something new to learn. I strive to conceive designs and bring them to life across the various venues I work in. Just to give you an example, over at Club Chinois, we boast an awe-inspiring spectacle of lighting and visuals. It’s an absolute privilege to shape each party, working to ensure that everything unfolds in a breathtaking fashion.

Christian: I get a kick out of a lot of things, but as you can tell from my socials, we’re big-time foodies and wine enthusiasts. Lately, though, I’m really into outdoor activities. I even got my sailing license, ’cause there’s something about sailing that just lights my fire. And during winter, you’ll find me hitting the slopes for some snowboarding, wherever I can. Honestly, I hardly watch TV, except for maybe documentaries – that’s more of a Dr. Leuman thing, he’s a real geek. But whenever I get the chance, I’m out there for some social time with my pals, ’cause when we’re together, it’s always a blast.

EG: Thanks for the time guys. All the best!

Manuel: Big thanks to you all and all the readers, hoping you dig my journeys and looking forward to sharing countless hours of music with our slogan “EIVISSA FRESH FLAVOURS ….A TASTE FROM IBIZA TO THE WORLD”

Christian: Thanks, guys! Honestly, you’re making us feel super comfortable with this interview. It’s great that people can get to know more about us. Big thanks, and here’s to a long and vibrant life for EG!

Enrique Morales aka Dr. Leuman: Gracias Mano! Y ya saben ….“SIN MIEDO AL ÉXITO… GÜEY”

‘A GOLPE DE TAMBOR’ is out now via   EIVISSA FRESH FLAVOURS Records. Purchase your copy here.

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