Javi Party, confesses never having gone to the gym, not getting enough sleep, or taking care of himself at meals and not using any type of creams but nevertheless he keeps his skin smooth and without wrinkles and shows a figure that could well be that of a young man 30 years.

He has been at night for 28 years, he does not need a vacation and he boasts of being the cicerone of parties, nightlife and leisure hundreds of people avid for uncontrol and lust every year.

What does he do?
My job is to organize parties for an exclusive audience; politicians, judges, big businessmen and other high officials who are not very involved in this world. I look for the place, the show, the dancers, the music, the boat, the private jets, helicopters and everything related to leisure and entertainment so that they can spend a luxury vacation. There are some who want to get more out of date and others who seek tranquility, the little boat and good restaurants. I take care of everything.
No Javi ... No Party!

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