Digital Ecosystem

March 19, 2021

Digital Ecosystem.                                                  Photo by Ruben Yuz – Es Vedrà View 

The new era of collaboration based on digital environments,

With the internet boom, we have heard a lot about digital platforms that bring together players in the same ecosystem. For example, in 2003, the digital platform MySpace brought together professionals in the music sector. Since then, technology is shaping industry after industry and enabling small businesses that employ technologies to leap into another age – increasing their outreach, efficiency and ultimately their profitability.

A Digital Ecosystem is a little bit like Mother Nature where different organisms coexist in a common space sharing resources among themselves to achieve mutual gain with their interactions.

A digital ecosystem uses digital channels that that displays the following characteristics: sustainability, self-organization and scalability.

Today, decentralized systems based on Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things make us rethink new business tactics every day to be able to survive the current economy and weather new winds in the right direction.

Today’s digital marketing sphere is a complicated one given the abundance of management tools and daily innovations and inventions. A small business can see great gains in profits and efficiency by using the right tool at the right time and can lose considerably by not understanding this domain.

Let me share with you two examples in two different sectors:


The European Union has been advocating the idea to work with Denomination of Origin Marks to protect local producers who meet very specific standards and require manufacturers to have a special seal. For example, a cheese producer who meets all its Denomination of Origin standards and is also ecological can have very interesting products for consumers. These consumers can verify the characteristics of the cheese using a QR code and can have digital traceability based on Blockchain (where you cannot lie) on the different steps of its production that are duly certified by digital notaries. With this, not only does the producer “claim to be” but is also is also duly certified.


Another example where blockchain is used is in Chile. A company called SERNAPESCA is using traceability technology based on Blockchain for artisanal fishermen! This system aims to identify the fish of origin, the date of fishing and many interesting data for the final consumer and for the government itself that ensures sustainable fishing.

This innovation would be unthinkable without the financial support of governments and it is only a matter of time for such technologies to become much more accessible to small businesses. Or better yet, why not get together and work on building common nodes for a Digital Ecosystem?

A hundred years ago, it would be unthinkable for someone to buy and pay with a piece of plastic and today most of us are buying through the internet, especially during a pandemic. Technology innovations are coming by leaps and bounds and transforming every sector.

Welcome to the new digital age and let’s see how Blockchain can transform your industry as well.