ARTE NOMADE is a multidisciplinary multimedia studio based in Ibiza, Spain and created in Argentina in 2001 by Ayelen del Rivero (graphic design, web, motion graphics, VJ) and Nikolas Schiavi (Architecture, CG artist, VJ).

In this wide range of technical & artistic disciplines we feel confident pushing the boundaries of staging design.

Over the years, we built our experience in the field of design applied to events, with a focus on stage design and custom content. We shaped national and international music events that became milestones. Events studied and designed to be engraved in the memory of thousands of spectators.

- Hernan Cattaneo @ Forja I / II / III
- Fiesta de Disfraces 2012-2019
- Heart Ibiza 2019 By Cirque du soleil
- Buenas Noches Productions 2016/2020
- Creamfields Argentina 2013
- Buenos Aires Fashion Week 2013

and many more!

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