Chris Leza was born in the city of Barcelona in 1980.
Since he was little he was always influenced by the music that was heard at all hours in his parents' house.
A cabinet full of vinyls under the television cabinet was this artist's favorite place.
He recalls with enthusiasm, how he spent many Saturday mornings of his childhood, watching and listening to vinyls of the time sitting in front of the record player.
"You put the needle on top of the record, and the song sounded, it seemed magic, it was something incredible."
He soon discovered that he could record songs from the radio with those radio cassettes so authentic that they suddenly flooded the houses of half the planet.
"Pause, rec, and wait for your favorite songs to play!"
"It was the beginning of the DJ trade, dozens of cassette tapes and thousands of hours listening to the radio; that's how the '80s were!"
Funky, disco and rock were what sounded the most at that time, but what this artist was really listening to were groups like Kraftwerk, Africa Bambaata or Jean Michael Jarre.
Electronic music quickly took hold of him and he discovered styles such as breakbeat, techno or house, being clear that this type of music was what he really liked.
At age 15 he began practicing on belt turntables and analog tables and recorded sessions on tape each week for his friends.
His first residency (at the Glamor nightclub) was at 18 and little by little he was playing in more venues in the city and a multitude of raves in the national territory.
(He also worked at the Micro Records vinyl store and at the weekend he would go to clubs to sell scoops and new copies to DJs.)
At the age of 21 he moved to Ibiza, where he soon connected with the local nightlife scene and played in many of its music bars and clubs such as Lola's, Heaven, Eden or Space among others.
He has also worked at the Anfora nightclub for which he was a resident DJ for 5 years.
Now, he has matured his technique and taste to be able to offer sessions full of feeling, quality, energy and good vibes.
Currently, he plays on Saturday nights at Pure Ibiza Radio with his program El Templo, a journey in which he plays styles ranging from the finest progressive house to the most avant-garde melodic techno.
A quality bet to guarantee a magical party.

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