A GOLPE DE TAMBOR - Manuel Frias (Original Mix) MANUEL FRIAS
A GOLPE DE TAMBOR - Manuel Frias (Christian Montoya Remix) CHRISTIAN MONTOYA

“A GOLPE DE TAMBOR” is a melodic tribute to the immersive energy of Manuel Frias’ live DJ sets, capturing the raw intensity and artistry that have defined his performances. The EP features original mixes that effortlessly fuse house vibes with the dynamic rhythms of Afro Latin influences. Each track takes listeners on a sonic journey through the heart of Ibiza’s electronic music landscape.
The title track, “A GOLPE DE TAMBOR,” stands out as an original mix that showcases Manuel Frias’ exceptional ability to blend pulsating beats with enchanting melodies. This track embodies the very essence of his live DJ performances, encapsulating the rhythmic heartbeat of the dancefloor.
Adding an exciting twist to the EP, Chilean producer Christian Montoya offers a tripping remix that infuses the organic Organics Afro Latin vibes. This remix reimagines the title track, elevating it to new heights while preserving the soulful essence of Manuel Frias’ original creation.
“I aimed to capture the enchantment of my live DJ sets and translate it into an auditory journey that listeners can enjoy anywhere,” says Manuel Frias. “This EP celebrates the energy and connection that music ignites, and I am thrilled to share it with the world.”
“A GOLPE DE TAMBOR,” released on EIVISSA FRESH FLAVOURS Records, a label co-founded by Manuel Frias, is poised to become a fixture in the playlists of electronic music enthusiasts, as well as those who seek the ecstasy of the dancefloor. Through its seamless fusion of house and Afro Latin rhythms, the EP offers a sonic expedition that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Ibiza.

We thankfulness the incredible work of our dear friends:

Iñaki Rodrigo Ortega aka SATRIYU
Diaman Producciones

Mix & Mastering (Original Mix)

Dr. Leuman
Digital Art & NFT