Revolution feat. Caye Sanchez Guitar

Revolution marks a before and after in the career of the famed Ibiza-based DJ and producer, at the same time when David Moreno crossed an internal process of personal and professional transformation.

“It was winter, and I had to move to Madrid to a small pistachio green room and, missing the island a lot, I wanted to produce a different song, more organic and with a lot of feeling that could capture my senses. Therefore is how I bought some speakers and everything I needed to carry out this creation. Once back in my improvised studio, I began to get inspired to compose the bases crying out for a guitar. It was at that moment when I called my great friend guitarist Cayetano Sanchez, and it was magical! We recorded and edited the first time, which confirmed my correct decision. Lenny Ibizzarre is the genius behind the final sound given by his mixing and master achieving a brutal sound.”

David Moreno.

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